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Selling a Business

We find qualified buyer leads that are looking for your business specifically. We examine the market, appraise your business, find the appropriate buyers and finally get your business SOLD. Our extensive trained & skilled staff makes us the right firm to market your business.

Selling a business isn't easy. With a huge potential market, and no way to pre-qualify your buyers, selling your most complex asset can easily take up more time than running your business. And when that happens, often your numbers will change to reflect it. You can easily see that this isn't a positive direction.

Ellefson Appraisal alleviates all that stress, and allows you to continue doing what you do best -- run your business. We'll search out qualified, interested buyers with the right kind of experience, show them your business, handle negotiations, and help both sides through the due diligence and business transfer processes.

Ellefson Appraisal knows how to examine, market, appraise and sell a business, it's what we do. And once we have, we know how to ensure that we obtain that value from an enthusiastic buyer. Many owners try to sell their own business, many of our satisfied customers tried for months before contacting us. Our commitment to customer service is the cornerstone of our company. Our training and attention to detail make us the industry leader. Contact us today and find out how we can help you realize the maximum value for your business.